Saturday, 8 October 2011

Bearable Moments

It feels good to sit here, you know, when there is nothing more to lose from life. After all, one has to feel at ease to know that the journey has come to an end. Then, it's time to rejoice like never before - the last attempt to hold back sensations, even as your cells disintegrate in a race against time.

It's all foggy now, and the raindrops that fall on the ground brings forth a smell that rises above the park bench to embrace me. There was a time when the place looked all green, and my little body longed to be everywhere at once, to inhale the pleasure-misery of life to its full. There were other colours too, of flowers, of the carefully (and sometimes carelessly) selected dresses and hats of people who chose to spend the evening in the park - some walking around and some just sitting in their comfortable spots. They all used to sense it when it got too dark, and left - in groups, in pairs ... and some all alone, just the way they came in. I too used to sense the time to leave, in those days when I was a young woman, when I cared for safety. But now, the world is a different place, and I am past care.

It's funny, that the park looks much more beautiful now than it ever was. This is the place where I came across many banal and extraordinary experiences, and how ignorant I had been then about them! How unnecessarily expectant, and how unreasonably depressed...Now I can have a few sweet smiles thinking about them, and stay assured that I know better. Thank God there's no one to spy on me and think that here's a lady who has gone bonkers - sitting all by herself over the red park bench in the rain at this unusual time, half drenched, but trying to protect her fancy shoes from rain drops...and yes, smiling to herself! Well, I may say- That's life child, and I'm so glad that I realised it just before losing my grip on it.

There is no time to leave now, nowhere to go back to, no job to finish, before falling into the rut again, doing the same things day after day. And the colours that are lost in the fog can be claimed back, if I sit here long enough and stare into my favourite spots. I can claim them again ... the colours, the smells, and the intensity of feelings one by one - no matter how stupid they happen to be. After all, it's play time for me now, till I leave these solid things forever.


Image courtesy: Creative Writing Ink - October 3rd Writing Prompt


  1. Oh wow. This is beautiful. I like the way you pick your words. I especially love this line: "After all, one has to feel at ease to know that the journey has come to an end."
    Great job. Tip of the hat to you.

  2. Thank you very much. I'm just trying to focus on my writing after a break...
    Not so easy, but quite a rewarding experience.