Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sliding Deep

The first time water claimed her was when she fell into a well in the village. She was just six years old and curious, climbing onto the loosely held stones that bordered the well. She remembered how her left foot slipped and then she fell - into a mysterious experience. The overgrown ferns inside the well brushed her cheeks softly, leaving white, powdery streaks as she slid into the soft, silent passage that led to water. It was almost like going back to her mother's womb, where she was safe from the world that hurt her in the name of love.

Then she fell deep into the water, into the unexpected cold that numbed and aroused her at the same time. There was a music that claimed her, as she started flowing downwards. It was the heavy thud that alerted those who were close to the well, and before she knew it, her sense of peace was stolen from her by the noises outside. They thought they were saving her from death. But she could never forgive them for taking away the music from her, the music that came to her, only once, as she was moving down, deeper and deeper. They thought she was gasping for breath when they took her out of the well. Only she knew how disappointing it was to be forced away from the watery layers of one's music.

The second time, it was she who claimed the water. She was then a determined woman of twenty six, though her small frame was hardly discernible in the dark night. She just felt an urge to immerse her worthless self in the big lake. There was music in full blast from the speakers, but not the kind of music she liked. But it helped her a lot. No one was going to miss her. Everyone was busy with their inane talk, food and dancing. It was easy to slip away, to this lonely corner. The lake at the back of the hotel looked quiet and enticing. She just felt its coldness by dipping her feet into it, one by one. It was easy to walk into the lake and feel its depth inviting her once again to its music. She didn't feel like looking back. There was nothing left behind. All that she needed was the coldness and music that water can give her.

She was no more that six year old child who didn't know the difference between drowning and claiming the water. She had the confidence, to claim the water, or to lose it. She started flowing downwards, once again - her ears sealed from the horrible noises from outside, and waiting for the music from within.

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