Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Casual Encounter

     You think that only a murderer, high on weed, detached from all things virtuous, could inhabit a place like this. The floorboards are not worth fixing. There, you've got to be careful, or you may just fall through them to a world which is equally morbid, if not more than this one. But have you ever wondered how these places come into existence? I bet you never had the time for that.
     I'm sorry I can't offer you a place to sit. The chair over there is not a chair. It's just the bones of a chair - what the mites have left after savouring its sap. Well this is not the kind of place where you can imagine spending an hour, even under compulsion. But I live here, sleep here every night, under compulsion. Why? Oh you really need to know why? Because I have no other choice.
     I use the common toilet downstairs, wash my two pairs of clothes in a bucket of water, and get them dried here, in the same room where I sleep. Well, I'm sorry there's no drinking water here. I have trained myself to live without water every time I step inside this room. I'm really sorry about that. We should have collected some water from the shopping mall.
     So, you didn't imagine me to live in a place like this? Yeah, it's true that one can't assume things about others - from their way of dressing, or talk, or the look in their eyes. No, I never lacked confidence despite what you think of as a lowly existence. Hey, no need to defend yourself. I know that you are trying to hide your impressions, but I know for sure that this is what you think about me. And how can I blame you? It's really a lowly existence for sure.
     Don't worry - there is no one around this place. That gray cat on the window is a harmless one. It's well fed - I share my food with it. You may not find a happier cat in proper houses. Just like, you won't find a man in good shape like me in those houses too.
     Now that you can't sit down anywhere, the only option is to lie down somewhere. Oh, or if you find my bearing too good for my dwelling, and want to leave, you are free to do that.
     I am a gentleman you see. I can spend my energy on another round of basket ball play, all by myself. I'm used to that. That's what I'd been doing for ages - biting my anger away, working hard, earning enough to keep myself and my cat in shape, and never hurting anyone. If you need to escape into the outside world, you are welcome. You are free to find a place of your own in a soft feathery silky bed, and get abused royally, by those rich fat frustrated idiots.
     I know you won't stay back for me even if I pay you well. Please do leave then. I respect your profession, and I know that I'm not an ideal client for you. 


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  1. Your story left a smile on my face...not because it's a funny story...I just never imagine that it would come to that last paragraph. I could never imagine this picture can turn into such story. Poor guy.
    It's really well written and I can imagine it as if there were 2 people conversing...Aswin, I envy your talent. The flow is also really good.

  2. Thanks a lot! I'm so glad you liked it.

  3. So elaborated details. My congratulations!

  4. Great blog.
    Cheers from Argentina!

  5. Thanks a lot! So glad you like it :)

  6. never in a million years, I would have thought it would end like that! what a nice little twist, sir! From the very beginning I was curious to find out who this person is talking to, but I never imagined it would be who it was. well done.

  7. Thanks a lot...I'm surprised to know that my 'twists' have stated to work, at last!