Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Power of Things

"It looks as if it was once a throne. Those who sat on it might have experienced the power that orders respect, love...gratitude..."

"Come on, it's junk. We need to clear these soon. I don't think we can save the place. The whole apartment is burnt. It's gone to the dogs."

"There were people here Henry. Real people. We need to respect their feelings."

"Tom, you're really crazy. No one survived the fire here. Everyone died. Turned to ashes. Men, women, children...there's no use taking out your sentiments now. This is our work. We need to clear this place fast."

"But wait a minute. I need to take a picture of this sofa. Look at its colours. Even the dark burns seem to work well with the colours. It's a work of art. It's something that explodes out of a tragedy. Oh, but what's tragedy? Henry, there were real people who sat on this throne. They must have turned to ashes, but we have to respect their feelings that surround this. Hey, don't put that curtain on it. Let me just see whether I can find some use for this throne in my studio. It breathes of life, and death..."

"Tom, stop this nonsense, and start working. There's a lot to clear off from this room."

"Okay, I am with you, but keep that sofa there till the end. I may need that."

"Why do you need that? Why does someone need damaged furniture from a burnt apartment? Can't you see that it is totally useless?"

"I love keeping remnants of lives not lived. They have a power. This one carries the unfinished breath of lovers, infants, old people..."

"What are you talking about?"

"You see, I just need to change the upholstery, and it will be a throne again. It's not damaged. It can have a life of its own once again. Why throw that away like the lives that were burnt off here for no reason?"

"There could be reasons. There could be reasons for every fire that consumes apartments."

"Well, I refuse to throw away this like that. The life of this throne... it has to experience the power once again. Of love, respect, gratitude..."

"There you go again! Okay, you keep that, but we need to finish the work before night."

"Okay, am coming!"

Image Courtesy:  http://creativewriting.ie/2012/04/30/creative-writing-ink-picture-prompt-april-30th/

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