Saturday, 2 June 2012


The first car that stopped near me had a moon-face behind the wheel. He asked me too many questions, to confirm my vulnerability. I stopped answering him half-way through and waved him off. Yes, that was so easy - so much for inquisitiveness!

I guess I should wait for the right person. But how do I know who is right? Follow your instinct, as they say. If they think I am the regular run-away-in-summer-teen kind, they won't qualify. They should see that I'm well past my teens, at least when they stop and have a look at me. What I need is some distance covered, as much distance as possible, from this place. This place where I don't want to return to in my wildest dreams. I need someone who is the least bit curious and the most generous, as far the distance he, or she, could cover for me.

Running away from parents? No - I don't do that anymore. I had to do that only once, and I did that. That was a point of no return too. I did it for Adam. "Adam is meant for Rachael", everyone around used to say. And I thought they were right. He was meant for me. We had a nice time in the city. And then he found the next person whom he was meant for. Rachael is out. And so are the dreams for a family, even after two forced abortions. I packed my things and kept walking, walking...

Now, for those who think I am vulnerable, they should learn to study faces. They should know how hard I try to keep smoking and keeping a stern face. I am the self-willed woman, who could even have been a mother, at least two times. If I survived all that nonsense from a worthless idiot, I know things for better now. So be warned, anyone who stops by.

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  1. Your stories have the element of suspense and that characteristic humour. They celebrate individuality and strength of mind. They are remarkable for the way they respect the individual's unquestionable right to be alive and fight the good fight.

  2. Thanks a lot for the encouraging comment. I feel I should work a bit more on this.