Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Our Music

You have to close your eyes and forget us. You just need to remember the music. The music I created for you. No, that is a big claim. I didn't create it. It found me, stayed within me for a while and came out as music. I knew that it was foolish to chase it again, because everything that we needed was in the music that transformed me.

You should stop looking at my pictures with those sad eyes. I was just the medium. What has to last forever is with you now. It doesn't matter that I am not there now, that I am gone. Forever. Why do you try to hurt yourself every time you think about me? Why don't you just slip away from the thin film of memory that binds our lost moments of existence? Listen to me. It was not meant to be this way. We were not meant to be...

But you have the music now. I haven't lost it either. I have more of it in fact now, and I feel sad that I couldn't leave them all for you. But this one piece that you can listen to and become one with is that which will liberate you. Trust me. Close your eyes. Just believe that I was the medium through which something so beautiful was sent to you. Wipe your tears, and sing. Let the world know what you have within you. Let your voice be a part of the music. Let you be another medium. Let our song survive.


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